Cycling Advocacy Groups

Texas Bicycle Coalition (TBC)

photo of bicyclistFormed in 1990 to fight bicycle bans on Texas roads, the Texas Bicycle Coalition (TBC) has become an internationally recognized voice for bicyclists of all types. Whether you ride a road or mountain bike, whether you ride for fun, for racing or for transportation, whether you are as fit as Lance Armstrong or need your bike for mobility, the Texas Bicycle Coalition is YOUR organization.

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Bikes on a Mission

Bikes On a Mission was created by a simple "good idea" that has turned in to a major mission opportunity for thousands of people in need of transportation - children, teens, and adults. This organization not only provides refurbished bicycles to those in need, but also provides a structured environment for teens and others to give back to their communities while staying off the street.

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The League of American Bicyclists (LAB)

The League promotes cycling for fun, fitness and transportation. The League works to make America more bicycle-friendly. Member benefits include Bicycle USA, a bi-monthly magazine, a bikes-fly-free program and special summer events rates.

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International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)

IMBA represents the interests of off-road bicyclists by promoting reasonable trail access, responsible riding and volunteer trail work. If you care about pedaling off pavement, you should join IMBA.

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The Adventure Cycling Association (ACA)

America's largest recreational cycling association has developed the National Bicycle Route Network, encompassing more than 24,000 miles of road and mountain bike trails, which are depicted on high-quality route maps.

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Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC)

RTC is a nonprofit organization working to enrich America's communities by creating a nationwide network of public trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors. Through an extensive network of contacts in the recreation, transportation and conservation communities, RTC helps to create a national environment that promotes, protects and facilitates the process that has preserved more than 10,000 miles of precious national resource and has provided hundreds of communities with both transportation alternatives and safe, close-to-home recreation.

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