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Fit Systems Bike Fitting

 Bike Fit System

 Bike Fit Systems is Your Home for Performance & Comfort on a Bike

Welcome to Bike Fit Systems, home of the Cleat Wedge (formerly known as Big Meat Wedge and 'LeMond LeWedge') and the In-The-Shoe Wedge, designed by Paul Swift, 8-time US National Cycling Champion.

Our mission: To help people experience the joy and wonder of cycling. We want to make sure no one stops riding a bicycle due to pain or discomfort that can be addressed with proper bike fit.


Studies show that 96% of the population is misaligned in their fit to their bicycle

Paul Swift, an 8-time USA National Champion, is one of the 96% that is biomechanically misaligned. Paul designed and developed products to help him attain success in racing. After applying his products to testing in studies at Auburn University, and learning that his products provide a competitive and safety advantage, Paul decided to share his knowledge to help others to enjoy their cycling even more.

The Bicycle Fitting Systemâ„¢ is utilized by...

  • Olympic Medalists
  • Tour de France finishers
  • World Champions
  • International Cycling Classic Winners
  • National Champions

& numerous others, with Personal Bests

The Bike Stop
2708 Southwest Parkway Suite 138
Wichita Falls TX 76308

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