Schwinn Fitness

Over a quarter-century ago, Schwinn Fitness invented the home fitness industry with the introduction of its revolutionary Airdyne technology. Today, Schwinn's amazing equipment enhances health and improves lives worldwide, and it's perfect for achieving your goals and dreams, too. Come in soon to try out our in-store selection of Schwinn Fitness models in person!

Stationary Bikes

Schwinn stationery bikes fit your budget and your lifestyle.Looking for an exercise bike? Quality construction and components, along with the right level of features and functions, make the difference between a bike that becomes a valuable fitness tool and an expensive hanger for your clothes. The right choice makes your investment a good one. That's why we offer and recommend Schwinn Fitness.

You also have the choice of upright or recumbent styles. Upright models (Series 100) position you similar to a traditional bicycle. The recumbent models (Series 200) are preferred by those who like the low step-over height or who may have back problems.

The 127p is Schwinn's best upright stationary bike!

The Schwinn 127p (shown) and its recumbent twin, the 227p (not shown), give you the ability to program and monitor your fitness level with grip and telemetric heartrate controls. Both models offer 16 different resistance levels and 6 built-in workout programs. The easy-to-read LED display lets you monitor workout time, speed, distance, workload, RPM and 2 different caloric metrics.

Schwinn's V-Force magnetic computer-controlled resistance is matched with a low-maintenance and quiet poly v-belt drive. The Wide Ride self-leveling pedals make it a cinch to start and stop exercising safely, too. Both models accommodate riders from five feet to six-feet-six inches tall.


Schwinn treadmills make it easy to continue your walking or running programs indoors!Choosing the right treadmill doesn't have to be a challenge. Schwinn blends quality construction and desirable features into value packages your budget will appreciate. A Schwinn treadmill helps make the miles you travel and minutes you spend more comfortable and enjoyable. We'll help you find the right treadmill to meet your needs and improve your fitness level.

The Schwinn 845p mixes high-tech with high value!


The 845p (shown) is the most sophisticated treadmill in the Schwinn Fitness line. It's loaded with all the options, including Quick Speed and Quick incline keys (features not found on many other treadmills regardless of make). The 845p also features grip and telemetric heartrate so that your workout automatically adjusts for the ideal pace and level of exertion.

The 845p also folds and offers Schwinn's Smooth Descent lowering system to help protect you and your decor.

This machine adjusts for speeds from an easy one-half MPH up to a sprint-like 11 MPH with grade choices up to 12 percent. The 2.5 continuous-duty horsepower motor has a peak HP rating of 6.8. It can withstand the rigors of your workouts as it helps you stay in shape, too. 13 built-in workout routines and a scrolling LED/Dot Matrix display help you follow your progress at a glance.


Schwinn Ellipticals let you workout legs only or arms and legs at the same time!Are your knees telling you you're ready for a lower-impact workout, while your heart tells you it still craves intensity? Maybe it's time to try a Schwinn Elliptical.

Elliptical trainers provide efficient cardiovascular exertion that can combine upper and lower body flexibility and coordination into one shock-free motion. You burn calories and increase your heart and lung capacity while protecting your joints.

The Schwinn 428p smoothes any workout while keeping you fit!


The 428p Elliptical provides a total-body workout with synchronized upper and lower body movement and the ability to utilize multiple muscle groups by using either forward or reverse direction.

Equipped with grip or telemetric Heart Rate Control (HRC) you can specify your target heart rate and the onboard computer automatically adjusts resistance to keep you in the ideal workout zone.

The 428p features 16 workout levels and 6 built-in programs. V-Force magnetic computer-controlled resistance provides steady and smooth motion. The articulating footplates follow the natural motion of your stride and support your heels at all times. And the high-inertia drive system with oversize flywheel and poly v-belt assure reliable, quiet operation.

Wind Products

Schwinn Fitness offers a complete selection of wind-resistance exercisers!

From bikes to rowers, Schwinn Fitness is the only company to offer a complete line of wind-resistance equipped home exercisers, including the original Airdyne, to provide you with a realistic workout even when you're indoors.

Whether you're pedaling or rowing, Schwinn's high-quality components and durable steel frames provide a quiet, natural workout.

Wind products provide challenge by creating resistance based upon your own speed and force. Whether you're up for a light or heavy day of exercise, Schwinn's machines will satisfy.

The Airdyne Evolution Comp has lower step-over height and a more compact fan!


The Airdyne is Schwinn's original full-body exerciser with synchronized arm and leg motion that simulates natural movement. The Airdyne Evolution Comp (shown) offers a quieter belt drive and a lower step-over height, thanks in part to its smaller (but no less powerful) fan.

Ideal for rehabilitation in addition to a daily exercise regimen, the Airdyne has another added benefit for its users: The airflow generated by your workout helps you stay cool and comfortable.

You can work out your upper and lower body muscles, or rest one while working the other by placing your feet on the footrests or taking your hands off the reciprocating arms. The LCD display lets you follow along with two built-in workout programs and you have the option of adding heartrate monitoring, too.